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Thomas G.Guo's New Year resolution of 2014

1/2/2014 04:25| 发布者: 郭国汀| 查看: 17265| 评论: 0

My New Year resolution of 2014

What is love? I have no idea until when I meet her years ago. Life without love is not well worth living. The true love is unconditional and from heart but brain, which have nothing to do with rich or poor, old or young, black or wight. Maintain the true love must base on trust, without trust, it is impossible to have happy and health love life. The true love is holy, the nature of the universal is love, the top value of life is love; as a prominent Chinese sage said in 1984 that the top law of the world are truth, kindness and love. Love is care for others, including your parents, your sibling, your friends, your lovers. The true love must be set upon understanding. respect and adore are basic element of love, tolerant and patient and necessary factor of love. I love my parents, sibling, friends, and lovers in my whole life, although three of my best male and female friends betray me one after another,I still believe the top value of the world is the true love.

Last night I learn from elder sister Guo Liqiu that My second sibling Guo Suiqing, who is suffering a vital Stroke month ago, which almost take her life. When I heard the bad news, my heart so painful and tears flowing endless like rivers from my eyes. Since I was forced by the CCP reguo regime exile to Canada for my human rights lawyer practice in Shanghai in 2005, I have neither job nor income for eight years, although I have been applied hundred various kind of job all meet deny and rejection, despite interviewers said that ¨you are over-qualify!¨This is why I become the most prominent and poorest lawyer in the world! For eight years, I could not able to support my beloved only daughter penny for her tuition and living costs during her university life, which forced her to do past-time work while study at UBC to support herself, neither could I gave my exile wife who quip her lawyer job for focus on rear my daughter, even could not able to support myself basic living costs!
Because I have been spent all my time to fight for freedom and justice and democratic New China, but who care? Only God known!
Although have been suffered so much during the darkest time in my life, I will open my mind and soul from 2014 to fall in love. I will love the God, love the nature, love the life, love friends, love my parents who are in the heaven and my sibling who are far away in China, love my lovers!

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