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2/18/2016 19:07| 发布者: 郭国汀| 查看: 951| 评论: 2|原作者: 郭国汀

a noble soul or a scums?

By Thomas G Guo

The freedom and justice fighters such as Mr. Yang Tongyan, I praised them as "the noblest men in China" in December 2004; however, a few weeks ago, by accident I saw Mr. Jiao Guobiao, a prominent former Beijing University vice-professor described Mr. Yang as " the Scum"! Another Guy Mr. Xu Shuiliang, a former democratic fighter also repeatedly curse those fighters as "the blackest"! Why and what reason?

Mr. Jiao's reason is that Mr. Yang play a game which is not better than those ignorant Chinese peasants when he support the colour revolution, and they disturb the political reform by the CCP. While Mr. Xu's excuse is that 90% of the fighters are the CCP spys.

My arguement is that the fighters are noblest gentlemen in China for they are willing to sacrifiece their own interest for common good and for whole country's future. Only those who have noble spirits could choose such secrefice hardest way to fulfil their great dream. Most of them are talented and intelligent person who have high education, provide they do not care of common good and pay a little attention to their own family's benefits, not openly against the evil regime or simply keep silance, not to say cooperate with the CCP, they would have easily to make good fortune and enjoy a wealthy and comfortable life. However, they couragely stand up against the evil criminal regime and publicly express their comment and criticise of the regime, as the result, they were seize their career, lost their property and freedom, broken family, ruin career, some of them suffering in prison for years, others forced exile, still others lost everything but spirits. Even under such hard and difficult situation, many go on fighting as a courage fighter without complain. They are the treasure of our seciety, what they are fighting for is not for selfish interests but for the long term and fundamental interest for all members of the society. WHo can sacrifice their own interest for others? The best model is our Lord Jesus who sacrifice himself for human being's sin, using his blood to clean the sins of human being.

What is noble? noble spirit usually only belong to those who devote themselves to public interest and common good while always put country, state, nation, seciety, community and other's interest as priority than their own interest. Usually they pay more attention on spirits life rather than material enjoyment. Thus most majority people who have noble soul are those come from noble family, because they are not necessary worry about daily life, always have high education, full of knowledge of life and history, they have leasure to reflection and meditation about meaning and purpose of life, they study philosophy,history, morality, law, politics, literature, enjoy poem, music, dance, pursue fairness and justice. Compare all members of the society in China, the freedom and justice fighters are the noblest group in any area.

Mr. Jiao and Mr. Xu are wrong in both theory and practice. Either they do not understand the conception of noble, or they simply say something aginst their own inner faith. Mr. Jiao is a professor, whose wise and intelligent brain must have enough understanding to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, so do Mr. Xu, who used to be a "theorist of democratic movement", thus, I strongly suspect both of them are betray their faith to the democracy and freedom and justice values? Anyway, welcome Mr. Jiao and Mr. Xu debate publicly.

Note: I post a massage on facebook, then Mr. Jiao Guobiao comment:

Thomas G Guo: 杨同彦在境外人员发起的“中国天鹅绒行动”网上投票选举“民主中国过渡政府”的活动中,被告人杨同彦当选为“民主中国第一届临时过渡政府”秘书处成员和各省市政权和平交接工作委员会江苏省接受成员,并在《大纪元网》网站发表《划时代的天鹅绒行动》一文,鼓吹“‘天鹅绒行动’是划时代的,其以一个新式的民运方式,在网络上通过自由民主的选举来产生的‘民主中国过渡政府’是合法的政府。”


17 November 2015 at 20:32: 人类作为一种生物,你不能不承认确有胡捣鼓的人渣,对谁他们都只会拆台。

Thomas G Guo
17 November 2015 at 21:19 :who are you curse ? majority of CCP high level officers are such thugs! if you means Mr. Yang Tongyan is such a person??

18 November 2015 at 04:33:  这跟一个山沟的农民搞登基当皇帝一样可笑。

Thomas G Guo
18 November 2015 at 10:36: now I understand why you support XI and Wang, for You almost know nothing who is Mr. Yang, but you dare curse him as the "胡捣鼓的人渣"! You should shame for yourself!! I am so sorry for your become such a guy lost your right and wrong moral judgement value.

Thomas G Guo 杨天水是令人敬佩的民主战士


我认识杨天水始于读他的一篇文章<思想交流>,八月间他专门前来看我,得以有幸长谈,非常敬佩他的胆识与才华,基本认同他的政治见解,他对民主运动的评价,对真假爱国主义的分析,对国家当务之急的构想,对中国面临问题的分析,对共产主义的历史根源的剖析,均相当到位.我认为他是一位思想丰富, 见解理智,知识渊博,行为稳健令人敬佩的民主战士;同时他又是一个富有献身精神对精神生活有很高追求对物质生活相当随意的品格高尚的人。纵观他所有的文论,皆基于理性,爱心,智慧,和勇气,应当说是现代中国的栋梁之材。














引用 郭国汀 2/18/2016 17:27
Our struggle for Freedom and Justice, then what is the Justice? Justice have at least three level: first political justice, without which there is no justice at all; second, judicial justice, lack which will have no peace but cruel violence control every corner of society; and the third, social justice, without which the justice in is not complete and far from perfect, for all are create equal is the God principle for equality among human being. The social justice can amend the former two justice remain untouched area, balance social fairness and create a real society with long term harmony and happiness life.
引用 郭国汀 2/18/2016 17:28
当代西方正宗民主国家,决非所谓“专政”国家,更不存在“资产阶级专政”;唯有共产党专政的最恶劣的下三烂货。西方民主国家的实质乃是:自由、法治、宪政共和的民主政体。英国自1215年大宪章始,特别是1688年光荣革命后,社会正义便得到了相当保障;美国则自1787年立宪以来,一直不断进化改良。全社会成员均在政治、经济、文化体育娱乐活动和运动、教育等社会各领域机会均等。林肯仅是个没有任何背景的穷小子,纯属靠他自已的努力奋斗,最终成为美国历史上最伟大的总统,杰克逊仅是人穷人出身的军人,亦成为总统,里根总统的父亲终其一生仅是个卖鞋的穷汉醉鬼,克林顿总统是个孤儿,欧巴马总统则是个没有任何背影的黑白混血儿!美国历史上44位总统:孤儿四人占9.5%;军人十人占有23.8%;富人六人占14.2%;低教育水准者,纺辑记者,和教授各二人,分别占4.7%;牧师三人,占7.14%;演员;裁缝;教师(高中)各一人,分别占2.38%;中产阶级十五人,占 35%;律师法官二十五人,占57.14%;而穷人出身者高达十六人,占38%!总统是国家最高首脑,连国家政权最高象征的职位,都没有任何人独裁垄断,可以推论全社会所有的职位的大体状况,这一事实足以证明以美国为代表的西方国家决非所谓资产阶级专政国家,因为人人皆有平等机会成为资本家,也有同等机会破产,人人有平等机会上升至上流主流社会也有同等机会成为平民的自由国家。 ——郭国汀——


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