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The Poorest Great Lawyer with a Born Noble Soul by Thomas G Guo

1/16/2017 14:58| 发布者: 郭国汀| 查看: 690| 评论: 4|原作者: 郭国汀

The Poorest Great Lawyer with a Born Noble Soul

by Thomas G Guo

My autobiography Nine Years Practiced as a Trial Lawyer, first published in a Legal magazine called " Lawyer and Legality" by Zhejiang Province Lawyer's association in  September 1993 to January 1994, after they named me and other three young lawyers
(Beijing lawyer Gongsha, Shanghai lawyer Tao Wuping, and Hebei lawyer Li Weiming) as the Top four young lawyers in China. Ten years later, the other three young lawyers all become ten millionaires, for they all are skillful and wise enough to keep a very close relationship with the CCP authority and judges, but I was still a " poor great lawyer" because I not only refuse to cooperate with the CCP authority but openly criticize the CCP regime and its criminal history and finally shift my law business from Maritime to human rights.  
     In 1994 I become a senior lawyer in China, In 1997 I obtain the first rank of senior lawyer in China; however, since I refuse to cooperate with the CCP authority or bribe judges, my practice as a professional and top maritime lawyer in China, did not bring me wealthy but dignity and good reputation as an" honest, integrity, righteous, justice" lawyer in China.
     My ex-wife Ms. Pengling did not happy for my choosing to fight for the liberty, freedom, and justice of China, while turn down so many opportunities to become a wealthy millionaire, and this is the main reason finally she want to divorce me, when the CCP arrested me and put me under the house-arrested on March 6, 2005.
     Although I did nothing wrong either in lawyer career or in family and friendship, neither have any illegal deeds, nor immoral affairs with any other ladies or girls; despite there are a number of young girls pursued me that time, I have been proud that I am a gentleman born with a noble soul, who must have great life mission since February 1984.
      My autobiography has been inspiring many young boys and girls to stand up again to fight for either their own career or for the country future since it published twenty years ago. I have much more breathtaking adventures and glorious fighting story which never publicly reveal, and this is why I know my autobiography will become a classic story one day.
      In fact, I am not a man who prefer self-boasting at all. During my ten years forced exile in Canada, I even turn down three TV video special program design for me three times, including BBC, CBC, and NTR TV agency. If I want to boast or market myself, borrow from these TV agencies is the most efficient way to quick earn great prominence in the world.
       Because I need to focus my mind on further studying and I judged that my time did not come yet. Now I know My time is coming and I will stand up again soon. On January 10, 2014, I was so anger being kicked out by my ex-girlfriend Diana for my helping my American female classmate Juliana who asked me to help her to restore her family relationship, which has broken for six years; because she thought that her parents treated her unfair, by giving her sister’s son a car as the birthday gift, but give her son nothing; and her father was 84 years old with blood cancer, with only account days. Thus She asked me to accompany her home as if I was her boyfriend.
       Since she is my best friend at the University of Victoria during my five years as the mature student there, I valued pure friendship and decided to help her. This is the true reason Diana kicked me out of her house after eight years relationship. If I pre-tell Diana that I want to help Juliana in this way, definitely she will not allow me to do so. I am a unique person with very strong self-control power and high-level moral sense, I even want to become a Holy man and keep my virgin body until 29 years old; however, I have more than 12 girls friend before I married my Ex-wife Ling, although I had many chances to sleep with those girls, but I never touch them, not even kiss or hug them, not to say making love with them. I do not believe in this world there is the second man can have such strong self-control power.
      I am a genuine gentleman with a noble soul since cruel life taught me lots of invaluable lessons, I know what I want and who I should love, I understand both western and eastern cultures and religions as well as history, philosophy; I respect women. In my life, I never pursue ladies or girls, for I always have girls who chase me. When I was young, I have no experience to chase girls, when I become mature, I lost properties and career become a homeless wonder as “the Poorest great lawyer in the world”, no ladies or girls will love a jobless and whose career is uncertainty…...
      I love inner mind and heart beauty much more than the surface and outside beauty, which like a rose, will wither with time; however, the inner charming will grow more and this is what I desire for. My inner mind and noble soul were born with not learn from life, for the top value of mine are love, truth, kindness, and beauty. I do not know whether I qualify as a holy man or simply a moral man, one thing for sure that I must be a genuine Chinese gentleman with a born noble soul.











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My New Year resolution of 2014

What is love? I have no idea until when I meet her years ago. Life without love is not well worth living. The true love is unconditional and from the heart but brain, which have nothing to do with rich or poor, old or young, black or white. Maintain the true love must base on trust, without trust, it is impossible to have happy and healthy love life. The true love is holy, the nature of the universal is love, the top value of life is love; as a prominent Chinese sage said in 1984 that the top law of the world is the truth, kindness, and love. Love is care for others, including your parents, your sibling, your friends, your lovers. The true love must be set upon understanding. respect and adore are the basic element of love, tolerant and patient and necessary factor of love. I love my parents, sibling, friends, and lovers in my whole life, although three of my best male and female friends betray me one after another, endlessI still believe the top value of the world is the true love.Last night I learn from elder sister Guo Liqiu that My second sibling Guo Suiqing, who is suffering a vital Stroke month ago, which almost take her life. When I heard the bad news, my heart so painful and tears endlessly like rivers from my eyes. Since I was forced by the CCP reguo regime exile to Canada for my human rights lawyer practice in Shanghai in 2005, I have neither job nor income for eight years, although I have been applied hundred various kind of job all meet deny and rejection, despite interviewers said that ¨you are over-qualify!¨This is why I become the most prominent and poorest lawyer in the world! For eight years, I could not able to support my beloved only daughter penny for her tuition and living costs during her university life, which forced her to do past-time work while study at UBC to support herself, neither could I gave my exile wife who quip her lawyer job for focus on rear my daughter, even could not able to support myself basic living costs! Because I have been spent all my time to fight for freedom and justice and democratic New China, but who care? Only God known!
Although have been suffered so much during the darkest time in my life, I will open my mind and soul from 2014 to fall in love. I will love the God, love the nature, love the life, love friends, love my parents who are in the heaven and my sibling who are far away in China, love my lovers.

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what is the purpose and meaning of life? what is my life purpose? what is my life mission? To eliminate the evilest criminal rogue CCP regime is my life mission!
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Unlike · Reply · 1 · 5 October at 12:36
Sean Kwan 人家高智晟律师还没有发声 你这是算干嘛的啊

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 5 October at 16:42
Thomas G Guo Gao Zhisheng, sure enough, is one of the greatest lawyer heroes in China and he is one of my best friends, I respect him very much and openly back up him for years now; but it is nothing to do with the fact, I am the first genuine Chinese Human rights lawyer in full sense, and I have absolutely right to speak out the truth. if there is anyone disagree with my comments or argument, anyone, including you are more than welcomed to evidence to proved your argument. I have kept silence for ten years, as the result I was forced by both CCP and those fake anti-CCP's group, sure including you, turn into the real poorest "great lawyer" in the world! I do not know who are you, you might be an ignorant person who knows nothing of Chinese human rights lawyer, or simply a CCP spy who are trying to disturb something with malice intent? no matter who are you please respect the fact and to be honest.

Like · Reply · 5 October at 19:33 · Edited
Sean Kwan God, you are trying to mark me" CCP spy".... You are so funny , really, Mr. Gao has been tortured by CCP and almost died several times, I didn't see him on social network to show himself as "四个第一” or something else. I don't know what you did for Chinese human rights and what are your purposes. There are lot of people who always make an oath to help Chinese people changing their environment and getting something BACK. But, the CCP still obtain the throne and almost people who made that oath belong to your " fake anti CCP' s group". So, Mr. Guo, I don't think you have a good attitude to respect people who doesn't agree with you and it's so hard to understand that you are a lawyer who is living in CANADA.

Like · Reply · 5 October at 22:13
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Jing Li 我觉的正义律师讲自己做了什么、受到什么赞美是自已的自由,传播的是对于正义的追求,有什么问题?

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 5 October at 19:51
Thomas G Guo what I post here simply to market myself into Canada society, since almost no one care or want, to tell the truth, many intently hide or cover the truth, still some malice deceit and fool the world for their own benefits. Real golden, even covered by the yellow soil, it will shin one day; fake eagle can never fly as high as a true eagle. so deceiver might foolish people forever, but they can never fool all people for good. I believe I am an honest, integrity, intelligent, wise, diligent, persistent, genuine Chinese gentleman with a noble soul and strong sense of justice and responsibility. My life mission is to eliminate the communist party in China for good. None can stop me to fulfill my duty and responsibility, for this is the God will and with the God's bless everything is possible. I am not self-boasting at all, but a modesty and humility man.

Like · Reply · 5 October at 21:15
Thomas G Guo In January 1994, I was commented and named by the Legal and Lawyer, a Lawyer's magazine in Hang Zhou, Zejiang province, as one of the top four young lawyer in China; while In January 2002, I was appointed and named as the top Maritime lawyer in China by the Legal 500, an international law firms journal which yearly comments on law firms in the world.

Like · Reply · 5 October at 22:05
Sean Kwan You are using Falun Gong, shame.

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 5 October at 22:35
Thomas G Guo Sean Kwan if you dare not show your true name, real working union title, please get out of here! You are such a dirty pig and superior stupid fool!!

Like · Reply · 1 · 5 October at 22:59
Thomas G Guo by the way the post massage is not mine, but nominees' I have at least seven NO.One even more since stupid fool have no brain at all, Sean you can never understand a great noble soul forever.

Like · Reply · 5 October at 23:03
Sean Kwan Mr. Guo, I will copy this conversation and let's see what's gonna happen. Thank you.

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 6 October at 09:38
Thomas G Guo You are more than welcomed to do so, no matter whether criticizing or mock or irony, I really do not care at all. You charge me a defence for FLG for my own benefits and I use them for my own interest, thus I should be the shame for my defencing FLG without any condition. YOU are such a stupid fool really beyond my imagination. I suspect that you might be a CCP spy because you are trying to disturb my close and life-friendship with Mr. Gao Zhisheng and FLG. I am afraid I have to let your disappointment for good.

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr
Jing Li Exactly!

Like · Reply · 44 mins
Sean Kwan I'm US citizen and I believe in FLG, I hate CCP and I support all kind of power to anti-CCP. just want to tell you 1, there is not everyone who didn't agree with you that been pointed " CCP SPY" by you is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT as you think . 2, according to your conversation above, you have used very inappropriate words to me, just because I said something you really don't feel good for yourself and actually I even didn't use the way what you did to me. You are living in CANADA and you are a HUMAN RIGHTS ATTORNEY as you said, I thought you shouldn't use that words to a PEOPLE whether he or she agree with your own point or not. This is western society , not some country with CULTURE REVOLUTION SPIRITUAL and we are living in 21 century just already passed 15 years so far, everybody must be responsible for their speech

Like · Reply · 14 mins
Sean Kwan So Mr. Guo, you should learn some basic things like how to respect PEOPLE and I will bring the copy to my lawyer and see what's gonna happen . This is USA or CANADA, remember it. Thank you.

Like · Reply · 10 mins
Thomas G Guo the best policy you should take is short of your mouth if you are ignorant in that area. How dare you, you are simply either a fool or coward !!! Since you publicly demean me should "shame" for my defense FLG, and you confess that you know nothing of what I have done for Chinese Human rights causes, I identify you as a "stupid fool" is absolutely correct, at least in this area. even you appeal to the supreme court, I will openly call you a "stupid fool", of course, my definition only limited to Chinese human rights movements. that is all. without thanks.

引用 郭国汀 1/19/2017 20:27
本帖最后由 郭国汀 于 3/4/2017 06:47 编辑

Thomas G Guo • 1年前
Like · Reply · 8 hrs
Sean Kwan No sir, this is not true, you were using worst words to me and it was before " shame". And do you think if someone who doesn't know what did you do for Chinese human rights and she or he must be called " stupid fool"? ! Oh My God is this your logic? Mr. Guo are you a real HUMAN RIGHTS ATTORNEY? God I truly copied everything and I will send to my lawyer . Mr. Guo, this is public social network and do you know your consequences if you still using this words to a PEOPLE?

Like · Reply · 8 hrs
Thomas G Guo Yes! sure enough, you are a "stupid fool"! in this argument and about Chinese human rights lawyers issue. I will call you this name in the court, in any where! listen it carefully. It is yourself deserved this name, how dare you cursed "shame" for defence FLG?! how dare you charge me to USE FLG for my own benefits?! you are a typical stupid fool on FB.

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